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Secure Document Management Tool

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A secure document management tool can assist you in eliminating manual processes, prevent human error and simplify workflows. A unified document management system will enable you to go digital, decrease security breaches and ensure that all parties can access the right version of a file from any location. The transition from paper documents to digital workflows could cause some disruption, but the efficiency and productivity gains will more than make up for this.

The best document management software has several security features that secure files while they are in transit and at rest. These include password protection, unified storage guidelines, and a thorough indexing. A good DMS can allow you to make secure PDFs, using passwords that are customizable. This will limit the use of documents by requiring the user to enter the right credentials before opening the files. A reliable DMS will also allow you determine who can access and modify certain documents.

A good DMS will also automatically backup documents and provide a complete history of versions. This is helpful if you accidentally delete a file or someone makes harmful changes to it. These tools will help you comply with standards such as HIPAA GDPR and FINRA. This can save you from fines, revocation of licenses, or criminal liability.

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