All our tyres are of international standards and give the optimum performance on the respective field of usage.
Tubeless tyres are better tyres due to their safety aspect, cooler running and reduction on instant punctures. They have improved performance by a minimum of 15 to 20% more mileages versus a tube type tyre. In case of a puncture, the air escapes much slower compared to a tube type tyre where the air loss is instantaneous, and hence increasing your safety and security. They are also easy to repair.
You can get the best mileage from your tyres by regular tyre checks. We recommend that you check your tyre pressure at least once a month to maintain them at the correct pressure (correct pressure is indicated by the vehicle manufacturer). Wheel balancing, alignment and tyre rotation should be done at least after every service (or after a mileage of 5,000km). This helps to extend the tyre life. Note that the timings may however vary based on the driving habits and road surface conditions. Always get it checked when in doubt.
As per International standards and also by Kenyan law the minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. Tyres should be replaced before they reach this minimum 1.6mm threshold. Each tyre has a tread wear indicator at the 1.6mm level.
Tyres wear off unevenly when the tyres haven’t been serviced regularly. Irregular wear happens when tyre pressure is higher or lower than the recommended psi, or when the balancing of the tyres or alignment of the vehicle is off. Regular tyre checks are highly recommended.