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Dominican Wedding Traditions

Dominican wedding party customs are a gorgeous way to celebrate the big day. That they include a range of unique factors that can put depth to your wedding service and reception.

Huge wedding celebrations are not regular inside the Dominican Republic. It is more usual to have a blossom girl, wedding ring bearer, and coins bearer – often fresh family members – and one kid transporting a fancy white-colored bible.


Inside the Dominican Republic, wedding ceremony traditions happen to be influenced by both Spanish and Catholic customs. One of the common is definitely the ceremonia cantada, a traditional ceremony that features songs performed by the guests. These kinds of songs are normally love and romance-themed, and the music is sung instead of played out over sound system or equipment.

Large wedding party parties are certainly not typical in Dominican tradition, but the couple may choose to experience flower women and ring bearers, often youthful relatives. The couple may also often have a padrino and madrina, who all are similar to god parents in America. These will probably be responsible for signing the marriage certificate and providing support and suggestions to the few as they begin their fresh life at the same time.

Another aspect of the wedding that is different to the Dominican Republic is called accréditeur. This involves tough luck gold coins that are went by from the groom towards the bride throughout the ceremony. This symbolizes the couple’s commitment to sharing all their possessions and finances.

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Dominican wedding party traditions really are a reflection of this country’s abundant culture and lifestyle. They combine Spanish and Taino customs with Africa influences. These persuits emphasize long-term affection and shared belongings. Additionally, they emphasize kindness and giving.

The bridegroom and bride often visit each other’s families before the marriage. This is important as it enables the couple to make a strong rapport with each other. It also enables both families to get acquainted with each other.

Contrary to in The usa, it is not regarded as bad luck for the groom to find the bride before the service. In addition , the church is not divided into soon-to-be husband and star of the event sections. This allows lovers to save period taking photos.

Instead of bridesmaids, a small wedding ceremony is usually assemble. Often , fresh relatives happen to be chosen to end up being the bloom girl and diamond ring bearer. An individual child is also assigned to handle gold coins. These products are usually provided to the priest or minister who will give them towards the newly the wife and hubby.


In this feast day, a youngster member of the wedding ceremony party—usually a boy—carries 13 silver loose coins on a tray down the aisle. The priest then flows these to the soon-to-be husband and bride, symbolizing even writing of material prosperity.

Dominican chapel weddings commonly would not divide the group into “bride” and “groom” sections, consequently guests can easily sit anywhere they select. The order of the procession is also slightly different. The groom’s mom enters first of all, followed by the groom. The bride then simply walks down the inlet, accompanied by her father.

Another specific aspect of Dominican weddings is definitely the Ceremonia Cantada, during which every little bit of music at the reception is being sung rather than played out in instruments. This is often a beautiful way to captivate guests and add more which means to your wedding celebrations.


Merengue is actually a type of music and move that represents Dominican culture. It is known for having a quick rhythm with strong surpasses. It’s really vivacious and romantic. Is considered often a great choice for primary dance tunes. It’s also a fun show up to do with somebody because it requires a lot of movement and spins.

Many lovers choose to have a ceremonia cantada as part of their marriage. This is certainly a song-and-poem ceremony exactly where guests sing along. It is very usually supported by simply professional music players.

The groom therefore serenades the bride which has a song or poem to express his appreciate for her. This is a special minute at every marriage. After this, everyone can enjoy the party area and “la hora loca”! This is a crazy hour where people may dance for their hearts’ articles. It’s a a chance to celebrate with all the couple and the friends. Friends will usually provide gifts with regards to the couple to show all their appreciation.

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